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Ignition is the process where a fuel mixture is ignited by a spark inside the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine causing a controlled explosion thus delivering power. This event can typically occur a 100 times every second, and while recent advancements have led to increased reliability and control, the basic technology has remained the same for almost 100 years! Unlike OEMs and aftermarket performance ignition system manufacturers, who are content selling just one ignition technology (even Multiple Spark Discharge (MSD) was developed over 30 years ago), we recognize today's need for combusting diverse fuels, ultra high compression engines, extending lean burn limits, and uncompromising performance. We are also the first to come out with a complete line of ignition products, spanning the gamut of distributed spark to the latest coil-on-plugs, all with cutting edge performance properties that radically solve engine performance, efficiency and emissions problems currently considered expensive, impractical and impossible to solve.

High Performance Plasma Ignition Systems

Aquapulser has just released the next generation of plasma ignition systems. The SparkAmp series plasma power module boasts second generation plasma circuitry designed by Aquapulser. It is meant for use on all spark ignited engines with suitable accessories. The pulsed direct current ignition modules discharges an industry leading 200 amps directly across the spark plug, eliminating the inefficiency and limitations caused by impedance mismatchs of conventional systems. These modules generate the largest ignition kernel compared to any conventional OEM or aftermarket performance ignition product available today. The SparkAmp module is compatible with virtually every MSD box and when used together, the total plasma output of the spark measures to a whopping 600 mJ of energy per discharge. Along with our Accessories the SparkAmp can improve practically any engine's performance with plug and play installation in under 25 minutes!

The State of the Art

Ignition System Plasma Ignition System MSD Ignition Generic Ignition Coil
Input energy at Max. RPM 60 watts (120 watts for X80)* 120 watts 60 watts
Max. Spark Current per Discharge 200+ A* 30mA 15mA
Plasma Kernel
* Plasma Ignition Systems are secondary (addon / piggyback) systems

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