March 29, 2015

Aquapulser is now on

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Just launched our Amazon Store

January 19, 2012

Great Guide to picking a Non-resistor Sparkplug

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Hello folks,

Happy 2012 everyone! Please stay tuned as we have many technologies in the works, and are very excited to be releasing some new products in 2012!

Meanwhile, we’ve just uploaded a great guide to pick a non-resistor spark plug for your vehicle in case the Brisk plugs from our site don’t work.

Here’s how you would use the guide:

1. Find your stock sparkplug part#

2. Note down the dimensions – Hex size, thread, reach, gasket?

3. Open up the chart at

4. Find an appropriate non-resistor plug that matches the dimensions from step 2.

NOTE: If possible pick a surface gap plug as these tend to have the best performance for plasma applications.

Good luck!

June 21, 2011

Insane HP and Torque Gains!

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This is a test we did a while back and the results were quite incredible! With a few degrees of timing advance we we able to gain 44.4 lb.ft of torque, and 16.7 HP! The engine behaved noticeably smoother throughout the RPM range.



Dyno Results with Stock Ignition



Dyno Results with Plasma Ignition

Emissions on ’96 Silverado Failing Emissions Test

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We’ve been on the look out for a vehicle that was failing emissions so we could slap on a plasma ignition unit and see what it does to improve things. This heavily modified ’96 Silverado just would not pass emissions, and seemed like the perfect candidate.

The image below speaks for itself:

June 7, 2011

Fuel Efficiency Data with Plasma Ignition + EFIE

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Fuel consumption at idle

The image above shows the comparison of fuel consumption at idle for a 2.4L Hyundai 4 cylinder. The testing showed some incredible results at idle as well as 4 other speeds that we tested. The indisputable fact after this testing was that stock computers do compensate for the more efficient burn caused by the plasma ignition. The above results were obtained with no timing optimization. We expect to see even better results with further tuning and optimization.

March 15, 2011

Aquapulser is back in Business!

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Our ardent fans and energy efficiency enthusiasts around the world will be glad to know that we’re finally back with a new line of products!

Aquapulser was under a cloud where rogue factions of the company plotted mutiny, hijacked our youtube account and started selling similar products under a different brand and website. But anyone who has followed this space will remember that Aquapulser is the original plasma ignition company that came out with the RPG4700, and we’re well and truly back with an exciting future ahead.

The SparkAmp products were designed from the ground up by Aquapulser Engineering – our second generation plasma platform. We have had many refinements and fixes through our testing, and as of today we’re proud to announce that we’re going into production. You can rest assured that any units you buy from our web site are genuine products that we stand behind. We encourage us to ask questions about the engineering behind the units.

December 14, 2010

Aquapulser Launches EcoIgnition at the 2010 SEMA Show

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Aquapulser Engineering launched the EcoIgnition brand at the 2010 SEMA Auto Show, bringing over 5 years of cutting edge innovation to the mainstream automotive aftermarket. EcoIgnition and Aquapulser  are currently slated to release the much awaited SparkAmp X Series plasma ignition modules, which was a contender in the SEMA New Product of 2010 . SparkAmp X Series modules will be complemented with a host of accessories including custom RF protection cables, mold on plug systems as well as select coil-on-plug kits in an effort to outfit a wide array of vehicles with pulsed power plasma ignition systems.

EcoIgnition at SEMA

Join the Plasma Revolution!

While Aquapulser Engineering continues to engage in cutting edge research in the fields of pulsed power, water injection, and other energy efficiency, high performance and experimental endeavours, EcoIgnition is geared towards ‘Eco Tuning’, hypermiling and other fuel saving strategies for today’s automobiles.

Aquapulser Engineering will continue to release products geared towards researchers and enthusiasts, so as to help them advance their research, with a major collaborative research campaign soon to be launched targeted at the opensource engineering community.

July 21, 2010

Aquapulser named Semifinalist at Clean Tech Open

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Aquapulser Engineering  is honored to be named a semifinalist in this year’s Cleantech Open. It’s the world’s largest cleantech business competition. Its mission is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges.

Aquapulser sees this as a tremendous opportunity to effect widespread recognition of its technology and hone its business acumen. Clean technology is here to stay and the Clean Tech Open is the premier organization trying to single handedly make it all happen.

December 12, 2009

Aquapulser Wins MITEF NW Startup Demo Competition

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Leading up to the event, we got some brief air time on King 5 News: (watch around -1:30).

The numerous last minute changes and adding the NASCAR MSD 6TN CDI box to the demo rig paid off and we convinced the judges (consisting of VCs, Angels and the like and some press) that Aquapulser Engineering was indeed the most exciting startup in the NW region this year! The presentation was very well received and seemingly people were very interested in this. And why wouldn’t they!? The blue high energy plasma sparks flying off the tungsten electrodes were only the coolest thing they had seen since….I dunno – the iPhone??

We left with this:

December 6, 2009

Aquapulser Engineering Finalist at MITEF NW Startup Demo

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The MIT Enterprise Forum NW hosts the Northwest Startup DEMO – Fall 2009. For the very first time, this event is in partnership with all six of the angel organizations in the pacific NW area, including Alliance of Angels, Keiretsu Forum, Puget Sound Venture Club, Seraph Capital Forum, Tacoma Angel Network and Zino Society.

The DEMO event finalists who have made it through a rigorous screening process, will be demonstrating their exciting new products and services, and sharing how they created them on December 10th.

This fall’s finalists are:

  • Aquapulser Engineering: Offers an add-on ignition module that converts weak sparks into a high-current plasma
  • Basic Athletic Measurement: Builds the world’s first athletic testing platform to drive consistency, reliability, and validity into global athletic performance measurements and ratings
  • Exponential Entertainment: Provides HollywoodPlayer™, a multi-platform games service for users to discover, share, and play with real scenes from Hollywood movies
  • Limeade: Supplies cross-platform mobile and social wellness tools
  • Pharaoh Software: Develops a system which controls Windows applications through a UI to provide automated technical support
  • Zooppa: The world’s largest source of user-generated advertising

Excitement abounds! Here is a picture of the demo rig we used to present and subsequently blow the judges’ minds: